Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation from a Water Damage in Stark County

SERVPRO of S&E Stark County was called out to a water damage to a home in Stark County. When we found the source of the water damage it was a water leak und... READ MORE

Water Damage in Commercial Building in Alliance OH

We arrived on site to this commercial building in Alliance, Ohio and our team found that a pipe had broken when remodeling the area. The team acted quickly and ... READ MORE

Fireplace Fire Cleanup & Restoration in a Home in Minerva

When our SERVPRO of S&E Stark County team of professionals arrived to this home in Minerva Ohio a basement fireplace had caught on fire and there was extens... READ MORE

Storm Boardups in New Philadelphia Ohio

After a recent storm in New Philadelphia, Ohio a large tree branch had fallen and broke this window to this home. Also, during this storm the rain water had soa... READ MORE

Water Damage to Hardwood Flooring in Minerva Ohio

Water damage can cause major water damage to homes and businesses. In these before and after pictures a pipe had broken under the kitchen sink and flooded the k... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss Cleanup in Alliance, Ohio

A supply line in this hotel in Alliance, Ohio broke and allowed many gallons of water to flood many rooms with kitchenettes and bathrooms. SERVPRO of South &... READ MORE

Water Damage in North Canton, Ohio

When a family returned home from a family vacation they found that there basement had flooded due to a pipe-break. We receive many calls after a family has been... READ MORE

Cleaning Contents from a Fire in Brewster, Ohio

Our SERVPRO of S&E Stark County crews don't just clean up the structure of a home there is all the personal contents that need to be cleaned.There are two w... READ MORE

Storm Damage Caused Water Damage in a New Philadelphia Home

High winds from severe storms that impacted our area caused a tree to fall on the roof of this New Philadelphia home. The tree branch put a hole in the roof all... READ MORE

Mold in a Basement in Louisville, Ohio from a Basment Water Damage

No matter whether it is a home or business, every structure is going to have some mold without fail. It can be found in areas that are dark and moist because th... READ MORE